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Stonework And Masonry Services

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer done right can enhance the beauty of your home. We can install all types of stone veneer, from natural full bed depth 4" to 6" stone veneer to thin cut real stone to cultured stone.


A new patio is a great addition to any home. We can design and build your new patio area. We typically use bluestone, limestone, pavers, and other natural materials.


Chimneys are often a necessary part of a home, servicing fireplaces and some heating utilities. We can design and build full masonry fireplaces and chimneys.


A nice looking walkway is a great way to have guests enter your home. We build walkways using concrete, bluestone, limestone, and other natural stone materials.


A new stone fireplace can transform any room into a cozy and inviting environment. We build custom full masonry wood burning fireplaces.

Stone Walls

Stone walls can help to create a beautiful exterior space. We design and construct natural stone retaining or patio walls.


We design, construct, or can repair existing masonry stairs.


Have us redo your driveway with belgian block or pavers. We also construct driveway borders and aprons on existing asphalt driveways.


The foundation is so important to the integrity of your home. Have us build your concrete block foundation for a new home or addition.

Welcome To JW Bennett Stonework And Masonry

Founded in 2005, we specialize in traditional stonework and are located in New Jersey. JW Bennett Stonework & Masonry is a custom masonry company offering a wide range of services. Not only are we well known for our New England Fieldstone, with over 15 years of experience, our highly skilled masons spend much of their time working with Bluestone, Limestone, and other natural materials. JW Bennett Stonework & Masonry offers the highest quality custom masonry craftsmanship available today.

We can prepare a proposal and walk you through every step of the process. Don't hesitate to contact us for pricing and other information about stonework and stone veneer, patios, chimneys, walkways, fireplaces, stone walls, stairs, driveways, foundations, or any other masonry projects for your home.

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Serving North and Central New Jersey - 973 668 6318